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terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

The Shopping Game

This is an oral communication activity appropriate for EFL learners in elementary levels. This game is designed for practicing "shopping" dialogues and vocabulary.
Materials: "play" money and realia for shopping products (clothes, plastic fruit, vegetables, school objects). If the school you work for does not have enough realia, it is possible to write down on paper strips the product names.
Objectives: To accumulate as many products as possible while practicing "shopping" dialogues and vocabulary.
Procedures: 1) Students are divided into clerks and shoppers. 2) The clerks set up "stands" to allow easy access for all shoppers (e.g. around the corners of the room with their backs to the wall). 3) The shoppers are given a set amount of "play money" (e.g. dollars, euros, pounds, etc.) and begin at a stand where there is an open space. 4) Students shop, trying to accumulate as many items as possible (each item is 1 unit of currency). 5) Periodically, the teacher will say "stop" (a bell or other device may be needed to attract attention) and call out a name of one of the products. 6) Students with that product must then put ALL their products in a basket at the front of the room. The remaining students continue shopping. Students who had to dump their products must begin again from scratch (with fewer units of currency). 7) The student with the most products at the end wins. 8) Students then switch roles.

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