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sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

Witch Time! 2 Fun Halloween Games!

Your Halloween celebration can include much more than  costumes and trick-or-treating. These simple Halloween games will help you  teach  a fun Halloween lesson!


1) Pin the Wart on the Witch
· Large picture of a witch, preferably with a wart already on it
· Blindfold
· A paper wart for each player with his or her name on it
· Tape
How to play:
1. If the picture of the witch does not already have a wart on it, draw one.
2. Hang the witch on a wall where there is lots of space around it.
3. When it is a player's turn, blindfold the child and give her the wart with a piece of tape stuck on it.
4. Spin the player around (not too fast!) and tell her to stick the wart on the witch's nose.
The player whose wart is closest to the real one is the winner!

2) Walk on the Witches Hat
·  Big  picture of a witch's hat
·  CD player
How to play:
1. If you have a large picture of a witch's hat, tape it right on the floor before you play the game.
2. The players hold hands and shut their eyes.
3. The teacher is at the front to see that no one peeks. (Whoever peeks is out of the game.)
4. The teacher will control when the music stops and starts. When the music starts, the players begin walking in a circle (as in musical chairs) around the hat.
5. When the music stops, the person who is standing below the hat (as if he/ she were wearing the hat) is out of the game. The last player to circle the hat wins!

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