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terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Video Activity: Setting up the mood for Halloween

Objectives: set up the mood for halloween, review and present holloween vocabulary and work with listening skills.
Age: 12 or above.
Levels: elementary to intermediate.
Groupings: pairwork or groupwork.
1)   Teacher tells students they are supposed to write down as many words as they can remember related to Halloween. Students have 3 minutes to do this.
2)   Teacher writes on the board all the words students have brainstormed.
3)   Teacher tells students they are going to watch a video and they have to perform 2 tasks while watching: TASK 1 – count how many times the word HALLOWEEN is repeated. TASK 2 – say which words they have brainstormed are actually shown on the video and write down other words they see or listen.

         Task 1 : the word halloween is repeated 31 times.
         Task 2: some of the words that are shown on the video are: jack 
         o’lantern, scarecrow, cemetery, ghost, haunted house,   monsters,  
         coffin, vampire, black cat, witch, werewolf, skeleton, bat, mummy…

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