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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Eye on Multiple Intelligences: Are you able to identify your students' dominant intelligence?

The theory of multiple intelligences indicates that learning can occur through many different intelligences. In other words, not only logical, or verbal reasoning. You can also learn English (or anything else) through visual clues, musical clues, etc. In fact, teachers wanting to help students should use a wide variety of these in their English teaching lessons. It is sometimes difficult to know how to focus on a specific learning objective using a variety of approaches. As a starting point, teachers can take this quiz to indentify whether they are able to identify someone's dominant intelligence and  reflect on the different approaches available that take advantage of their  learning strengths.

1. Charlie Chaplin and Monica Seles are two extraordinary examples of the following intelligence:

2. Jane Goodall and Jacques Cousteau are great examples of this intelligence:


3. Pablo Picasso and the architect Frank Lloyd Wright had the following capacity in great measure:


4. The famous attorney Marcia Clarke and the chess champion Gary Kasparov have the following intelligence in common:


1: Bodily-kinesthetic.
2: Naturalist.
3: Spatial.
4: Logical-mathematical.
5: Inter-personal intelligence.
6: Musical intelligence.
7: Intra-personal intelligence.
8: Linguistic intelligence.

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