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sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015

New Year! New Ideas! Part III

This is the third activity I will share that can be useful for a first class. I call it EGG INTERVIEW. Check out the simple procedures below:
This activity is aimed at elementary up students and groups around 8-14 students.
Give each student 3 strips of paper where they should write down information about themselves (eg. married, university/school, sport). Then students scrunch the strips of paper into eggs and place all their eggs in a basket the teacher is going to provide them with. Later, students unravel an egg at a time and search out the author. Elementary and Pre intermediate students will make sentence like: Julia likes PIZZA. Intermediate and advanced sudents may make questions: Do you like PIZZA Julia?
The student to get more correct guesses (authors) is the winner!

quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2015

New Year! New Ideas! part II

If you are going to work with beginners, one of the topis you are most probable to be covering in the very first classes is the ALPHABET. So here I suggest a simple activity to introduce or activate the topic. If you are working with other levels (pre-intermetiate or even intermediate) this activity can be great for a warm-up or wrap-up. Hope you and your students have loads of fun!


Have participants/students divided into small groups. Tell them you are going to give them 5 minutes to find one item within or outside the room (they may take pics of the objects if they are hard to carry!) that begins with each letter of the alphabet, in order. At the end of the time alloted, ask each team how far they got. The tem that got furthest, wins!!

quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

New Year - New Ideas Part I

On the following days I will be writing about a set of activities I've been designing to start classes with a positive mood. The first activity I will talk about is about the hit Rude by the band Magic. Teachers can play both the videoclip as well as the lyrics because there is no swearing or 'undesirearable scenes for teens'.
Pre-listening activity; in groups of 3 or 4 I woud ask students to make up a list with words related to marriage and wedding party.
While-listening-activity; Ask student to check the words they saw or listened from their lists.
The 'wow' moment for this activity is reserved for the Production Stage. My idea is to separate the class in two groups and ask them to propose the teacher to marry them for the semester or even the year. To do so, they should talk about their strenghts, expectations and what they are going to do to make the relationship work. Lots of fun and creativitity for this first day of class!!!