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segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

Augusto Cury - O Semeador de Idéias - My first impressions

I’ve been reading a book by Augusto Cury, O Semeador de Idéias and I would like to share my first impressions here. I’ve just read until page 56 and I can wait no longer to share. The book is thought-provoking and it leads the reader to reflect on life in general. The plot is engaging and the parts the main character reflects on education issues were the ones that called my attention the most and I will share a paragraph below:

“Educamos alunos numa estufa, num ambiente controlado, damos-lhes um diploma e os atiramos numa cova de leõs, saturada de desafios que nunca viram, cujo cardápio envolve perdas, frustrações, decepções, competição predadória, cooperação sinérgica. Desde que passassem nas provas, não me importava se eram mentes agitadas, inquietas, tímidas, inseguras, fóbicas, depressivas, obsessivas. Nunca abri espaço numa aula, em mais de quinze anos como professor universitário, para perguntar sobre os medos, angústias, projetos e pesadelos deles. Tratei-os como máquinas de aprender. E vocês?” (p.52/53)

This paragraph which ends in such a question made me think of my role as an educator and the importance I play in my students’ lives. I felt very glad when I closed my eyes to think of that question and I remembered the many nights I have been sleeping on my students’ problems in order to find out a way to advise or help them but I am striving for way more. It’s high time educators became open-minded and prepared to educate for the society we have nowadays. We need to educate students to become critical thinkers and not merely knowledge keepers, who can simply recite information. Moreover, we need to educate them to handle their fears and frustations and explain it is part of life. It’s essential we be prepared to deal with the alarming pieces of information the book presented and I also share with you below:
-      50% of the population have or will have some kind of psychological disorder.
-      Depression will be the most current disease in 2020.
-      30% of American teenagers cannot become professionally-efficient because they don’t feel fine about themselves. In Brazil, this number is even higher.

Are you prepared for this scenario? I admit I need to strive a lot more…
A special thanks for the person who lent me this book and for the opportunity to improve!

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