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domingo, 25 de novembro de 2018

Mirror Mirror Activity!

Hi dear teachers,

This week I was organizing some paper work and I came across an old notebook of mine. There I found a very nice activity I ysed to do with my students some 10 years ago. So I did it again and it was super cool!

Before class place on the bottom of a box a mirror.
Tell students you are going to show them a picture of a popstar and ask them to say why you admire this person. As they are goung to see their reflection....it is very funny..then you call another student and so on until they found out the person in the picture are them. Super cool!

quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2018

Teaching for the Future

 In order to prepare young people to do the jobs computers cannot do we must re-focus our education system around oneobjective:
giving students the foundational skills in problem-solving and communication that computers don’t have.
     By recognizing computers’ limitations and abilities, we can make sense of the changing mix of jobs in the market. It is already known that technology usually changes work by changing how specific tasks are performed.
     In contrast, all human work involves the cognitive processing of information while
computers execute rules.Much of computerized work involves complicated tasks that have been simplified by imposing structure. ...many tasks that are candidates
for computer substitution are also candidates for offshoring.
     Considering all the points highlighted above...the questions that remain are...
Q: If you're working in a school, has your current school been thoughtful about changing expectations for graduates in response to how society is changing?
Q: What are some barriers that you have come across when trying to understand the student perspective?
Q: How does your school or organization reflect? How often does your school or organization reflect?

Now it is your time to wear your leader of learning hat and share these questions to your peers and staff. Good luck!

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