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quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2014

The soccer show is about to start! Cool activities for World Cup!

What if you have your students trying this cool warm-up so that they get more acquainted with the show time that is on the verge of starting!!!

WARM-UP: Soccer traffic jam!
Each player stands in a space in the playing area with a ball each. They
         must steer their ball/ balloon safely around the playing area  without
losing control. To make it more challenging the teacher can put some obstacles such as plastic cones or ropes.
Players have to follow instructions called out by coach, starting with:
Green - players dribble around area.
Red - players stop and put foot on the ball.
Amber - players touch ball between insteps of both feet without moving.
Turn - steer ball/balloon to move in a different direction.
 Whilst in green, teacher can also introduce the dribbling mode:
 1st gear - slow jog
 2nd gear - steady run
 3rd gear - quicker run
 4th gear - quick run


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