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segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2014

NO homework, NO materials, NO pencils...What should I do?

Well, this list of no’s may show your students are demotivated or they are simply taking no responsability for their own learning. Then, your next question may be: how can teachers help them embrace a more pro-active attitude towards learning a foreign language? The first step is to show them that their attitude will shape their results. Teachers need to help them build a sense of autonomy, which is, according to Brown (2007) one of the cognitive principles. Oe good way to achieve this sense of autonomy and responsability is making our students aware of the fact that homework helps students develop mental skills, concentration, organization, problem-solving strategies and independence. And why not share with them some data from scientifical research, so here it goes: “in looking at results across several studies, the average homework-completer had HIGHER unit tests scores than 73% of non-completers” (Cooper, 2006)

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