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terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2014

Quizzes in EFL: personalizing and making learning meaningful

Quizzes and trivia games can make a nice change from more typical EFL style activities and it may give students who aren’t the best at English a chance to shine in another area. It can be the case that some of the least able English students are really good at general knowledge, so tasks using trivia can help to boost their confidence and increase their motivation levels. Needless to say that quizzes and trivia games also expand vocabulary in a meaninful context. The must of the moment are quizzes such as: which dessert are you, which city should you live in, among many others. I think students have a chance to personalize their learning when they take this type of quiz and, as a result, feel more engaged to the other activities you may bring to class. Have a try for warm-up or wrap-up moments or even as an activity to prepare your students for presentation of vocabulary or Grammar topic. I suggest below two sites with very interesting quizzes!

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