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segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012

Are you a highly efficacious teacher?

Probably, you have already asked yourself this question a couple of times but do you know how to evaluate how eficacious you are? I list below  some attitudes and characteristcs a highly eficacious teacher has:

  1)   Efficacious teachers will put forth a high degree of effort in order to meet their commitments.
  2)   Efficacious teachers attribute failure to things which are in their control, rather than blaming external factors.
3)   Efficacious teachers also recover quickly from setbacks, and ultimately are likely to achieve their personal goals.
4)   Efficatious teachers enjoy and learn by observing a peer succeed at a task because they know  it can strengthen their beliefs in their abilities.
5)   Efficacious teachers know a positive mood can boost one's beliefs in self-efficacy, while anxiety can undermine it and they strive for it on a daily basis. A certain level of emotional stimulation can create an energizing feeling that can contribute to strong performances.

Well, if you answered NO for any of the statements above it does not mean you are not a good teacher. My point in this post is  showing that schools and companies, by and large, have just a 10% of efficacious employees. 70% are efficient staff, in other words, teachers that meet deadlines, follow prodecures and techniques but rarely will they venture to go forth. (Welch) I strive to be part of this 10% share.What about you?

Furthermore, it is important to point out that teachers with a high sense of efficacy about their teaching capabilities may have an easier time motivating their students and enhancing their cognitive development. These teachers may also be able to rebound from setbacks and more willing to experiment with new ideas or techniques. Low efficacious teachers may rely more on a controlling teaching style and may be more critical of students. (Woolfolk Hoy, 2003 and Bandura)

"Schools in which staff members collectively judge themselves capable of promoting academic success imbue their schools with a positive atmosphere for development that promotes academic attainments regardless of whether they serve predominantly advantaged or disadvantaged students. “ ( Bandura)

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