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segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012


Today I invite you to reflect on how you see your teaching practice. In order to help you, there are four questions below:

1) What are the three things you do to help your students learn?
2) How do you know this things help?
3) Where do you get evidence of what helps students learn?
4) Now, choose the sentence  that is most appropriated regarding your teaching experience:
(   ) The teacher will teach therefore students will learn.
(   ) The teacher will teach so that students can learn.

My point today is to make you reflect whether your teaching style favors a therapeutic or a diagnostic approach. A therapeutic practice will heal, repair and fix while a diagnostic one will look for problems, assess and investigate. Most teachers tend to favor the therapeutic one because they just focus on the “right here right now” because they claim there is little time to anticipate situations for teachers have very stressful and busy routines. I can see this teachers’ point of view but I do believe we can work more focused on a diagnostic practice if we allot time for planning and reflection. Teachers who see the teacher’s job as teaching and the teacher as knower will find a hard time to shift the way they teach. On the other hand, teachers who see the teacher’s job as learning as well and the teacher as acknowledger will see teaching as a very magical moment, where we can make a difference in someone’s future. What about you? How do you perceive your teaching practice, let’s reflect upon it?

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