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quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

Digital Camera Hunt


This game may require students to leave the classroom depending on how you set it up, But I do suggest it be done outside the classroom. It can be used as warm-up or even as a transition activity to introduce new vocabulary but FUN IS A SURE THING IN THIS ACTIVITY!!!
Make a list of things students must take photos of. Then put your students into teams, each with their own camera (my students used their mobiles!) and have them go out and take the photos. The team that comes back first with all the photos is the winner. It is important to mention that they must not use Portuguese to get the things they need and reinforce that everything must be done outside the classroom. I also advise teachers to rafle the lists so that students do not complain about the difficulty level.
Some ideas for lists are:
  • someone angry, white car, pink eraser, pencil sharpener,  a living animal/insect
  • someone worried, silver car, yellow pair of scissors, stapler, a living animal/insect
  • someone wearing a blue t-shirt, red car, mechanic pencil, 15 paper clips, a living animal/insect.
If you happen to use this activity in your lesson, please post a comment so that other teachers feel more triggered to have a try!

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