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sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015

New Year! New Ideas! Part III

This is the third activity I will share that can be useful for a first class. I call it EGG INTERVIEW. Check out the simple procedures below:
This activity is aimed at elementary up students and groups around 8-14 students.
Give each student 3 strips of paper where they should write down information about themselves (eg. married, university/school, sport). Then students scrunch the strips of paper into eggs and place all their eggs in a basket the teacher is going to provide them with. Later, students unravel an egg at a time and search out the author. Elementary and Pre intermediate students will make sentence like: Julia likes PIZZA. Intermediate and advanced sudents may make questions: Do you like PIZZA Julia?
The student to get more correct guesses (authors) is the winner!

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