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quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

My after-class reflection guide

Every time I left a classroom after a lesson I tried to think of what it had been like, whether students were happy and willing to come back and more importantly, if they actually had a clear perception of learning. It was really hard to do it though, because I would underlie my assumptions on my impressions and it may be tricky, because we all know that judgements are only real if they are based on facts. Thinking of that, I list below some questions which aim at helping teachers make a reflection of their lessons based on facts, rather than impressions…

1)   Did the warm-up set the mood for the lesson?
2)   Were the transitions between activities smooth?
3)   Were students engaged in the activities?
4)   Have I addressed to all students in the classroom?
5)   Was tha time allotted for each activity good enough?
6)   Was my TTT appropriate? (warning: more than 30% is tricky!)
7)   Were the activities student-centered and varied? (focused on both practice and production)
8)   Were the classroom settings varied and facilitated interaction? (at leat 3 variations e.g pairwork, groupwork, individual work…)
9)   Was the time for wrap-up long enough to make the accountability of the lesson and check student’s satisfaction?
10)       Were the classroom management techniques used appropriate for the situations in the classroom?

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