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quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

The BaLL technique: Engaging students during Presentation moment

Whenever a teacher has to present a new content there will be two challenges: having students engaged and participating and avoiding too much TTT (Teacher Talking Time). This technique which I call the ball technique proved to be very efficient in order to face these challenges and it is quite simple! While you are explaining a new topic you should hold a small ball in your hands. All of a sudden you throw the ball at a student and ask him a question related to the topic you have been explaining. The student should answer the question and pass you the ball back. If the answer is right you take the ball and if the answer is wrong you throw the ball at another student who will try to answer the same question. You may use this technique as many times as you wish but I suggest 3 times. Students will surely be more engaged and will participate more and as a result, your TTT will be reduced. This technique can be used for all kinds of classroom settings and all levels. Have a try!

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