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sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014

Are you following a linguistic syllabus or a life syllabus?

Due to the emerging trends in ELT, there has been several shifts of focus in syllabus design such as structural, situational, functional, task-based, among others. A number of ELT theorists have argued that all these approaches to syllabus design are set on the learners’ language skills and that they have neglected the basic purpose of education, i.e. “the betterment of individuals’ lives”. Thus, there is the surge of a new notion, so called “life syllabus”, as a means that can end the complication of linguistic syllabi by incorporating issues of concern of life into the linguistic syllabus in order to launch the learner as a whole person in the ring of practical life.

Now, the question is… how can I turn my linguistic syllabus into a life one? The key point to answer this question is given by adding 5 broad areas pertaining to emotional intelligence:
1)   Intrapersonal competency (emotional awareness, assertiveness, self-regard)
2)   Interpersonal competency ( relationships, social responsibility, empathy)
3)   Adaptability competency (problem-solving, reality testing and flexibility)
4)   Stress management (stress tolerance and impulse control)
5)   General mood (hapiness and optimism)

A good example of activity, including the topics mentioned above is like the one below… Have a check!

Please first take the following questions, and then while trying to find some ways to cope with
them, discuss your answers with your friends. Keep in mind you are expected to give reasons
for you answers.
1. The things which make me angry are….
2. The situations which make me nervous are…..
3. The situations which make me feel more anxious are….
4. The kinds of people who make me feel more agitated are….
5. The kinds of people who make me feel sad are…. 
6. When I feel under stress I try to….
7. The situations in which I cannot adapt myself are….
8. When I see people trowing litter on the street I feel…
9. When I need to concentrate for a task I usually….
10. When I need to relax I tend to…..
11. I feel very happy when…
12. When I can’t do something I want I …..

References: Pishghadan – Introducing ELT as a new approach in EFL/ ESL studies (2011)

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