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domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

English and Englishes quiz - Getting acquainted with World English


What is known today as World English is the result of the English language development to take account of local language needs. So, what about having your students familiarized about it  with the quiz below?

1) In Indian English, where does a babu work?
a)in an office     b)in a hospital   c)in a factory

2) Something describe in South African as larney is:
a)very poor       b)very expensive  c)very boring

3) In Indian English, an English person is informally called...:
a)a geyser        b)a smoko         c)an angrez

4)Why would you smoodge to someone in Australia or New Zealand?
a)because you want something
b)because you want to give them something
c)because you love them

5)In Australian and New Zealand English, sunnies are...:
a)sunbeds    b)sunglasses     c) sunflowers

6)If an Australian describes a party as a fizzer, was it....?
a)a success   b) a failure       c) a champagne tasting

7) In Scottish English, swedes are called...:

a)neeps        b)tatties          c)drams

8) In Southeast Asian English, Cantopop is a type of...:
a)alcoholic drink   b)music   c)lollypop

Answer key: 1)a  2)b  3)c  4)a  5)b  6)b  7)a  8)b

Suggested activity: give each student one of the questions above. They are supposed to read it aloud and the other classmates should give the right answer. For each wrong answer the student who read the question aloud scores a point and the ones that give the right answer score the point for themselves.Another student reads the question and the game continues.

Source: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: the wonder of the world.

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