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terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

High Energy Christmas Activities!

Here are a few ideas that can be used in the classroom to give your lessons that 'seasonal flavour'. Most of the activities are linked to the end of them as well. The activities described here would be great for the last lesson because they trigger students's emotions towards Christmas time in a way they will miss your lessons and classmates the minute they leave the room!

For kids:
Blindfold Christmas Bell: 
This game can also be called  “Blind Santa.” Have the children sit in a circle with one child in the middle. The child in the middle needs to be blindfolded and as a bell gets passed from student to student the blindfolded child in the middle needs to catch the bell. Depending on the age group, spinning the child around a bit first to disorient them is fun.

Musical Christmas hugs:
This game is very similar to musical chairs, except everybody wins. Play some Chritmas music and have the children dance around. When the music stops, the children find one friend to hug (explain the hugs must be gentle, nice hugs). You can make different rules, such as; when the music stops the children must find someone new to hug each time and give a Christmas card.

For Teens:
Christmas Chair Switch:
For this game you will need to make a series of necklaces, each with an image as a pendant, preferably about words related to Christmas vocabulary. You may adapt the level of difficulty according to students' level. For a list of Christmas words go to: http://iteslj.org/lists/christmas.html. Only 3,4 or 5 images are needed, since there should be many students wearing the same image. Whatever images you choose, you need to have a flashcard of them, along with one depicting all the images you use on one card. On chairs, seat the students in a circle. Play some music and encourage the students to sing along. When the music stops, show one of the flashcards. All the children wearing that image must change seats, if someone ends up in the same seat they are out. You can show two cards at a time, and all those students have to switch seats, but the funniest is when you show the flashcard with all the images on it, because then they all have to scatter around switching seats, laughing, frantically. Everytime a student is out of the game he should say a Christmas message to the teacher and classmates.

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