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terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

What are successful teachers like?

The teachers I admire most are those who remain intellectually curious and professionally vital both inside and outside the classroom for decades. They avoid stagnation at all costs. There are six qualities I feel contribute most to a successful, durable, and happy teaching career:

1. Successful teachers hold high expectations:When teachers believe each and every student can soar beyond any imagined limits, the children will sense that confidence and work with the teacher to make it happen.
2. They think creatively: They seek ways to give their students a real world application for knowledge, taking learning to the next action-packed level. Think tactile, unexpected, movement-oriented, and on top of all…student-oriented!
3. Top teachers are versatile and sensitive: The best teachers live outside of their own needs and remain sensitive to the needs of others, including students, parents, colleagues, and the community.
4. They are curious, confident, and evolving: They have strong core principles, but somehow still evolve with changing times. They embrace new technologies and confidently move forward into the future.
5. They are imperfectly human: They understand that teachers don't just deliver curriculum, but rather the best teachers are inspiring leaders that show students how should behave in all areas of life and in all types of situations. Top teachers admit it when they don't know the answer. They apologize when necessary and treat students with respect.
6. Successful teachers emphasize the fun in learning and in life: The teachers I admire most create lighthearted fun out of serious learning.
Let’s get started then…Now it’s your turn to reflect on your role as a teacher and decide which qualities should be more developed. Even the most successful teachers have to start somewhere!

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